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Alpine Outdoor LCD Products

Wall Mount and Free Standing (Kiosk)

Alpine has an 8 year history delivering, installing, and operating these outdoor units – field proven!

New images are easily transmitted to signs located anywhere using Cellular modems

  • Outdoor full-sun brightness units are paired with special anti-reflective, glare minimizing glass to increase viewing abilities in any climate and setting. 
  • Sizes from 28” to 86” available in both portrait and landscape
  • Single or double faced display options
  • Proper highbright panels offer between 2500 nit and 4000 nit
  • Engineered cooling systems use either fan based or AC based designs
  • Available with and without touchscreeen functionality
  • Tested, proven weather resistance – IP65 rated
  • Infrared coatings control heat absorption from climate and sun into the unit
  • Power conditioning equipment protect the computers and sensitive hardware.-
  • Complete systems with display unit, controller and custom software
  • DataView software is an ideal management product The Data-View software makes the management of the media displayed easy to control and add. Each unit can maintain its own unique media show, weather , time, news, transit and commuting info are all easy to program to display.
  • Our specialized Omni-Trans,  Route-Master or Parking Control systems can further enhance the utility  of the LCD displays.
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