FIDS Systems

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Alpine Systems can provide mobile apps and display solutions specifically for your airport that will keep passengers better informed.
Our solution develops and strengthens your brand for your airport rather than the airline, making your airport a destination, and not just a transportation hub.

Our product will

  • Show current real-time flight information for flights at your airport
  • Show full airport layout with all gate, concessions, restaurants, restrooms and other information that will help your passengers
  • Provide text alerts for chosen flights to the user
  • Can direct the user to specific areas of the terminal
  • Inclusion of all airport features
  • Our Mobile App Can provide links to all airlines, taxis, parking, hotels and all other airport hospitality or transportation services
  • Far more secure than a public facing website, when it is important for information to be secure and reliable. Websites can be defaced, our apps and FIDS systems can not.
  • Able to push specific events and other news at the airport
  • Great way to provide updates on construction changes, detours and moves
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